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  • Glass supply
    From factory to door

    Your glass will always be supplied in the most secure method possible, whether a tabletop or a giant fascade..

  • Where it all starts
    Take a look at this modern facility

    This example of a modern glass processing facility gives you some idea of how it all starts.

  • The right crate
    Ensuring the glass is supplied safely

    Depending on the size and type of glass you've ordered, crating your glass safely is a carefully planned option.

  • Cast glass
    Glass forms to almost ANY shape

    From small sculptures to huge murials, cast is the obvious choice when adding texture and detail to glass.

  • Jumbo stillage
    Holding the glass correctly

    Where site machinery permits, offering the glass on stillages is often the best option.

  • The right crate
    Ensuring the glass is supplied safely

    Depending on the size and type of glass you've ordered, crating your glass safely is a carefully planned operation.

  • Private house
    Lots of light

    This addition to the home brought the outside in.

  • American house
    A great outlook from this sylish house

    Often, the simpliest designs are the best, and this country retreat in the west is a fine example of how to utlise glass to offer the best views from your home.

  • Glass lifting
    Vacuum lifting made easy

    Vacuum lifting of glass is the solution for the professionals. We have equipment to lift some of the worlds largest panels with safety.

  • Fascade glass
    Brighten up the building with colour

    Break away from the noem and add colur to the workplace.

  • Transport
    Distance is no problem

    Whether you're 10Km away or 17000Km, we can get it to you.

  • Unloading
    Delivering to site safely

    After the long journey from production to site, unloading is one of the final steps in concluding your order.

  • Modern home in USA
    When you want the best...

    Having the creativity to produce this amazing home it becomes a reality when the glass is just a call away.

  • Crate monitoring
    Traceability throughout the glass journey

    Each panel is given a unique tracking number and traceability is applied once processing is complete.

  • Need it quickly ?
    Often, we can deilver faster than expected

    If your project call for an urgent delivery, don't delay and get in touch to see if we can help.

  • Specialist mirror
    Front face coated mirrors

    Optical grade mirrors require a far greater accuracy than regular mirrors.

  • Bespoke glass
    Almost every panel made to order

    Given the uniqueness of your project, virtually every panel supplied will be bespoke to your project.

  • Ultra flat glass
    Do you require smooth glass ?

    Some applications require glass of greater surface accuracy. We can supply smaller panels of ultra smooth glass on request.

  • Floor glass
    Walk-on / Drive-on glass

    If your project calls for glass strong enough to walk or even drive on, then look no further.

  • Shipping safety
    Fully insured, door to door.

    Whist accidents do happen, rest assured your glass is covered.

  • Architect input
    During the design

    As an architect plans a new project, it's not uncommon for advice to be given on the plausibilty of the glass.

  • Showroom
    Get street smart

    Fully exposing your product to the consumer is made eaasy with an exspanse of glass.

  • Curved glass
    Getting around those corners

    When your project calls for curved glass, consideration MUST be made to the radius.

  • Overseas shipping
    Distance is no problem

    With access to global shipping, your project is never too far away.

  • Right glass for the job
    Design assistance

    If you're unsure what type of glass you need, just ask us and we'll help.

  • Imaginative forms
    Using glass shape to great effect

    Not only the colour, but also the shape can have a dramatic effect on the result.

  • Scupltural buildings
    Glass used to awe

    Making good use of the surroundings can show off good glass design to great effect.

  • Loading
    Sending your glass on its way..

    Panels of all sizes can be supplied and often require specialist transport rigs to ensure safe carriage.

  • After dark
    Glass 24/7

    Planning how the glass will look after dark is often an overlooked yet crucial factor

  • Right tool for the job
    Lifting your glass safely and correctly

    We always ensure glass is handled correctly and with the right equipment. From journeys start throught to installation.

  • Creative developments
    Large windows are always a winner

    New developments invariably have more appeal with good use of glass.

  • Laminated glass
    For added safety

    Laminated glass applications are vast and cover both private and commercial project.

  • Special orders
    If you glass seems impossible....

    Often new product design pushes the boundaries of glass production.

  • Clear enterance
    Glass doorway to enhance the view

    Making the most of the view with this glass enterance was inspired.

  • Lifting high
    Using large cranes is not uncommon

    As buildings get ever taller, lifting glass to either the fascade or on the 30th plus floor is not a problem.

  • All four walls
    A see through building ?

    This building almost becomes a piece of scuplture through its use of glass.

  • Ultra wide glass
    Widths over 3m

    If your project calls for extra wide glass, then look no further.

  • Just a shop ?
    Exquisite design for this factory shop

    This famous brand used glass to great effect on this simple factory shop with a difference.

  • Holiday retreat
    This elevated room benifits greatly from the expanse of glass

    Ensuring framing is kept to a minimum makes this summer getaway have spectacular views.

  • Consider the reflection
    The reflective quality can vary greatly

    The taller the building or the more expanse of glass there is, the more important the reflections become. Choose wisely.

  • Transport
    Safe delivery

    Selecting the right transport for your glass is an important stage of supply.


When you contact us, we will endeavour to respond swiftly, generally within the hour. If we have not responded within 24hrs, then please re-send your email.

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Our service caters for unique and extraordinary glass projects. Please only contact us if you feel your glass requirement fits our service.

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